Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Paddy Crosse

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Juno Party band - (promo video)

All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Paddy Crosse

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Crow Black Chicken - ‘Freedom’

Audio recorded live, mixed and mastered by Paddy Crosse, in Studio 1 at Windmill Lane Recording Studios/Pulse College, Dublin.

Download available here.

Assistant engineers Jack Power and Jorge Jasso Master of the Universe.

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Giuliano Nistri - ‘Finally Awake’

Track Engineered/Mixed by Paddy Crosse

Filmed by Music-Shoots

Graphics by Me Sell Design :: Graphic Design

Alice in wonderland (1903)

A score written to accompany Cecil Hepworth's 'Alice in Wonderland' film adaptation from 1903.

Composer - Paddy Crosse
Conductor - Richard Rudkins
String Quartet - The Mesefe Quartet
Piano - CSL Parker

Recorded live in Studio 1 at Pulse College/Windmill Lane Recording Studios, in Studio 1 on May 12, 2015

Engineered/Mixed and Mastered by Paddy Crosse

Conor J. Ryan and band - Just Friends

A cover of 'Just Friends' written by John Klenner & Sam M. Lewis, performed by Conor J. Ryan and band, in Studio 1 at Windmill Lane Recording Studios.

Engineered by Paddy Crosse.

Mixed/Mastered by Colm Finnegan.